Top 10 Innovation Competitions

In modern societies everyone is enabled to create the next big thing. Innovation competitions encourage independent experts from various industries to take a part in managing innovation challenges. By definition, innovation competition is an attempt by independent agents to solve an innovation challenge of a certain company.

The list of Top 10 Innovation Competitions was created based on the following criteria.

The Innovation Competition must:

  1. Have more impactful and powerful outcome/solution, than an output of product development process for corporate clients;
  2. Request for breakthrough and disruptive innovations, while incremental innovation might come as an additional option;
  3. Apply crowdsourcing practices;
  4. Have well-established mentorship and leadership program;
  5. Be regionally or globally acknowledged and authoritative competition.


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The list of the Top 10 Innovation Competitions

> Challenge Discovery Program. Innocentive
> Creative Business Cup. CBC Denmark
> Hult Prize. Hult Prize Foundation
> Imagine Cup Innovation Competition. Microsoft Imagine
> Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition. Shenzhen Government, China
> Innovation Prize for Africa. African Innovation Foundation (AIF)
> Intel Science Talent Search. Intel STS 
> IXL Innovation Olympics. IXL Center and GIM Institute
> The Innovation Challenge. Skild Inc.
> The Qualcomm Tricorder. XPRIZE

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