The Innovation Mindset – Expert Interview #1, with Professor Ron Jonash Chairman of the Board Global Innovation Management Institute

As part of our research on “The Innovation Mindset of Leaders”, we conducted a series of interviews with high profile experts in the field to better understand what kind of leadership is needed for an organisation to stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing economy.

What do innovative leaders have in common? What are the organisational barriers to innovation? How do you future-proof an organisation? More importantly, why is it so hard? These are just some of the questions that sprung to mind when interviewing these thought leaders.

Our first expert is Prof. Ronald Jonash, Chairman of the Board of the Global Innovation Management Institute. His years of experience advising organisations on the topic of innovation and bieng Professor of Technology Strategy and Innovation at Tufts University Graduate School of Engineering, make him a fountain of knowledge and we hope you enjoy reading his insight.