The Innovation Mindset – Expert Interview #2, with Muhammad Chbib CEO Co-founder

As part of our research on “The Innovation Mindset of Leaders”, we conducted a series of interviews with high profile experts in the field to better understand what kind of leadership is needed for an organisation to stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing economy.

What do innovative leaders have in common? What are the organisational barriers to innovation? How do you future-proof an organisation? More importantly, why is it so hard? These are just some of the questions that sprung to mind when interviewing these thought leaders.

This week’s expert is Muhammad Chbib, CEO of There are many reasons why we selected Muhammad as a member of our expert panel. For one, he is a well seasoned entrepreneur for whom personal growth, development, and the desire to innovate are second nature. He went from being a consultant at McKinsey & Company to becoming the co-founder of, a leading regional online travel agency and today, he is at the head of a technology startup with a vision to become the preferred business- to-business eMarketplace in MENA.

But there is more to it: Muhammad is also refreshingly bold. honest and pragmatic when it comes to the topic of innovation, for which he has a deep understanding. We found him enlightening, we hope you will too.