Global COVID-19 Think Tank on how to work

Objectives of Coronavirus GIMI Think Tank

  • Provide global intelligence can insights around the Coronavirus crisis.
  • Identify problems and soluctions of key stakeholders e.g. Governments, Corporations, SMEs, and Education Institutes.
  • Distribute solutions to key stakeholders.

5 Key Questions for the Think Tank


How do we overcome fear and distrust of each other, preferring to isolate to protect ourselves?


How do you build high-performance teams with individuals working from home?


How do managers communicate across the organization especially with rapidly changing company priorities?


How do we provide trust and transparency at interfaces within and outside (suppliers and customers) of the organization?


How do unlock the local and global supply chains to facilitate trade between states and countries?

Get Involved in your area


How can Governments lead citizens during a crisis and mitigate damage to the economy?


How can companies re invent the way they work to re activate their businesses?


How can academy continue transfering knowlege at scale?