Level 4 Certificate




Innovation Leader Certificate

Leader (Level 4) certification is designed to apply Manager (Level 3) learning to real challenges and coming up with insights and solutions in managing innovation in organizations.


Certification Fee/Pricing

  • Regular: USD 500.00 + Admin/Handling Fee
  • Student: USD 250.00 + Admin/Handling Fee (In order to receive the student discount, please email us at support@giminstitute.org with your proof of student status. Accepted documents are valid student ID or latest copy of Transcript of Records.)

The certification fee includes:

  • Leader (Level 4) Certificate (based on passing the board review)
  • Leader (Level 4) Project Review Fee
  • Leader (Level 4) Project Guideline (electronic copy/PDF)


Validity of Application

You have twelve (12) months to submit your documentation from the date you applied for the certification.



GIMI’s Model is fully aligned with the innovation intent of 56002. GIMI’s Model provides many tools, methods, processes, and planning steps that go beyond ISO 56002 guidance. Therefore, GIMI is an ISO+ organization.