Level 1 Certificate



Innovation Associate (Level 1) Certificate

Level 1 certification is designed to teach you about the use of idea generation tools and to apply them in creating more and better ideas. This is for individuals looking to understand what business innovation is and what process and tools are needed to generate new breakthrough ideas for the organization.

Certification Fee/Pricing

  • Regular:Ā USDĀ 550.00 + Admin/Handling Fee

The certification fee includes:

*GIM Institute hasĀ partnered with a remote proctor service provider to give flexibility to test takers on when and where to take the exam (as long as they have good internet connection).

Validity ofĀ Application

You have six (6) months toĀ take the exam from theĀ date you applied for the certification.

If you are looking to learn about business innovation, the process to drive it forward, and tools to generate breakthrough innovations

New masterclass with Innovation Guru, Hitendra Patel in January 2023